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What features do your products offer and what's the difference between these products?

What are my choices of IP phones or devices?

What are the hardware requirements to run your products?

What are your VCRM features?


Product features and comparison

Vida Network offers products: vCloud Office, vCloud Call Center and vCloud Platform. The following is a summary of their features and comparison:


vCloud Office

vCloud Call Center
vCloud Platform
 Recommended Hardware  x86 64 bit compatible PC  x86 64 bit servers x86 64 bit servers networked into a cloud
 Platform Requirements Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP Linux, Apache, Mysql, and PHP Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP and Java
 Recommended Applications Offices or branch offices interconnected Call centers or remote contact centers Service providers that provide hosted unified communication servers
 IP PBX Features
 Contact Center Features
√ (optional)
 Cloud Platform Features


Hardware Requirements

Vida Network’s vCloud Office, vCloud Call Center and vCloud are designed for small to medium sized business and service providers. They all run on industry standard Linux platforms. These software are modular designed and are scalable with your deployment. You can start to run them on one server and then distribute them on multiple servers as your business grows. The minimum requirement of the system is: 1Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM, 50GB disk. As a rule of thumb, you estimate your server's processing power as the following based on an ALL-in-ONE deployment. Double the power requirements for features like voice recording, IVR and ACD queues.

    up to 50 (with audio) or 1000 (peer to peer) concurrent calls: Single Pentium 4 CPU, 2GB RAM, 80GB disk.

    up to 250 (with audio) or 2000 (peer to peer) concurrent calls: Two Dual-core high-end CPUs or Single Quad-core CPU, 8GB RAM, 250GB disk.

    up to 500 (with audio) or 5000 (peer to peer) concurrent calls: Two Quad-core CPUs, 16GB RAM, 500GB disk (SSD prefered).

    1000+ (with audio) or 10000+ (peer to peer) concurrent calls: A distributed system (running call service, web service and database on multiple servers) is needed. contact us. Let us help you to do the calculation and network planning.

Choice of Phones or Devices

You have the choice of your own phones or devices. Vida Network products support virtually any SIP 2.0 compliant phones as well as analog devices.

For systems wanting to take advantage of Phone Book and BLF capabilities Vida Network recommends the Grandstream line of SIP devices.

Vida Network is happy to assist you with sourcing your hardware or you are welcome to purchase your equipment through your vendor of choice.

Contact us and we’ll supply a detailed hardware and software quote to meet your specific business needs.


Vida Network VCRM - Features


Sales Force Automation Customer Support & Service Marketing Automation
Lead Management Trouble Tickets Campaign Management
Account & Contact Management Knowledge Base Mass Mailing
Opportunity Management Customer Self Service E-mail Templates
Sales Quotes Online Knowledge Base Mail Merge Templates
Inventory Management Activity Management Productivity Add-ons
Products Catalog To Dos, Meetings & Calls Email Client
Price Books Recurring Events Outlook Plug-in
Vendor Management Shared Calendar Office Plug-in
Purchase Orders Activity History Thunderbird Extension
Sales Orders E-mail Notifications Customer Portal
Invoices Notes RSS Feeds
Reports & Dashboards Product Customization Security Management
Key Metrics Custom Fields (10 different data objects) User Management
Customizable Reports Pick Lists Profiles
20 Pre-built Reports Custom List Views Roles
20 Pre-built Dashboards Drag & Drop Modules Groups
Report Folders Currency customization Organization-level Access Control