Phone Numbers

Can I get a phone number for your hosted services?

Yes, you can get phone numbers from any city in USA, Canada and many major cities in the world. Just let us know the city, state, country and the area code of the phone number. We will allocate the number and rings your device or software in a short time.

Do I need to live in the city or country to get the local number?

No you do not need to be in the city or country. What you need is just an Internet connection and our compatible devices or software.

What kind of devices or software do I need? How does it work?

Our free Vida software supports secure audio/video, chat, desktop sharing and etc. There are also many compaitlble devices and video phones for your personal or business use.

Can I keep my existing numbers? What's the cost?

Yes, you can keep your existing USA phone numbers. The one time porting fee is $15, and monthly fee is from $4.99 to $5.99 deponding on where is the number ported from.

Do you support e911 and caller ID?

Yes, we do.

Is there a inbound toll charge for those local numbers?

No. You have unlimited free inbound calls.

How long it takes to get a phone number or port a phone number?

We have many phone numbers in stock. It only take a few minutes to configure it after we get your request. It usually takes about 10 business days to port your existing phone number

How can I send in the request?

You can contact us by sending us email, or online chat