Vida Cloud Platform for Service Providers

Vida Cloud Platform is designed for service providers offering services such as calling cards, international dialing, single-line service, video calling, cloud based IP-PBXs or call centers and CRM that require extensive billing capabilities, multi-tenant partitioning and scalability. Enterprises will also find this platform valuable in situations where multiple subsidiaries/departments contract for services from an IT or telephony department with P&L responsibilities (internal service provider).

Vida Cloud offers all the features of vOffice Pro Edition and vCallCenter, a Call Center application, with the addition of our extensive billing system, support for multiple virtual PBXs/ call centers(multi-tenant) and our optional calling card and reseller billing applications.

Whether you are a small service provider with your first client or an established provider with thousands of clients. Vida Cloud can be scaled to your needs and budget. Purchase only what you need to get started and expand as you land more business. You can even add just one line at a time!

Through the use of Vida Cloud’s extensive billing system you have the flexibility to set-up each customer with a unique billing plan. Define mark-up and discount plans, pre-pay or post pay, credit card or invoice; even pay on-line. Adjust billing by individual user or bundle into groups for corporate accounts.

For ideas on how Vida Cloud can be a success for you please visit our hosted services section to see some of our unique offerings, then let your imagination go to work on how Vida Cloud can help make your business unique.

It is your operation you make the decisions, Vida Cloud delivers the tools to make your business a success!


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